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Training in Clinical Cytogenetics

The Education & Training Committee (ETC) coordinates training programmes and further education for staff in cytogenetics laboratories.

For more details on the training of both Clinical Scientists and Genetic Technologists (GTs) within Cytogenetics, please select one of the options from the menu.


Note.   Some training documents are password protected.   If you do not have the password but are involved in training in Clinical Cytogenetics within the UK, please email


What's new?
From June 2011 - all Administration of Clinical Scientist Training and Genetic Technologist Training will be carried out by...

Sarah Millar
NHS West Midlands
St. Chads Court
213 Hagley Road

18th June 2008
New guidelines regarding exemption from the project module for trainee clinical scientist are now available (click here)
ACC ETC Training documents
15th Feb 2011
The talks from the Joint Molecular and Cytogenetic FRCPath Written Workshop are available now.
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