Pre-Registration Clinical Scientist Training

Following award of the PCCC,  the trainee consolidates their training and continues their professional development in order to achieve State Registration with the Health Professions Council (HPC).   Only when registration has been achieved, may the protected title 'Clinical Scientist' be used.  All clinical work performed prior to registration must be supervised by a registered Clinical Scientist.

Registration is possible after completing a total of 4 years of training (including the National Training Programme).  The trainee firstly submits a 'portfolio of evidence' to the Association of Clinical Scientists (ACS) followed by an external assessment.   Successful candidates are awarded the ACS Certificate of Attainment which enables application for registration with the Health Professions Council.  Other routes to registration are possible, without undertaking the National Training Programme.  Details, including guidance on the preparation of a portfolio, and application forms are now available from the Association of Clinical Scientists website, in the documents section, with general information about state registration in the FAQ section.

Note:  The Association of Clinical Scientists (ACS) has announced that from 2008 they will carry out assessments on four fixed dates per year.

For full information visit the ACS website  (
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Peter Howard (representing ACS assessors) presented feedback from ACS assessors on the preparation of Registration Portfolios at the ACC Spring meeting in 2005.  His presentation can be seen

The Membership Liaison Committee has provided a sample registration 'portfolio of evidence', prepared for submission to the ACS.    Click here to access (updated 3/3/2009).