GT final assessments
Genetic Technologist Training in Cytogenetics

This National Training Programme for Genetic Technologists (GTs) in Cytogenetics has been devised by the ACC Education and Training Committee (ETC) in collaboration with the CMGS Training Accreditation Board (TAB).  

The training programme has been devised in support of the application by the Associated Genetic Technologists Committee (AGTC) for registration with the Health Professions Council (HPC).  In view of the joint application of both Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics under the auspices of the AGTC, this training programme has been devised jointly by ACC ETC and CMGS TAB and will provide a common fundamental training structure in both professions.

The training programme is a 3 year competence-based modular programme with a focus on technical functions within cytogenetics. Each module has a set of required competences and ends with an internal assessment. Completion of the training programme requires a final external assessment.

The training programme has been ratified by the ACC ETC and ACC Council and will become active on the 1st January 2009.

In order to register trainees on the National GT Training Programme each laboratory must complete an accreditation application form and submit for approval by the ACC ETC.   This application can be made before 1st January 2009.

GT Training Documents: Release versions of all documents for the new training programme are listed below.  Note.  The ETC training password will be required to access the files (please email
if you do not have the password).

What follows is a brief explanatory summary of the documents available.

Key training documents

GT Training Programme Outline.
This document is common to cytogenetics and molecular genetics and describes the basic structure of the training programme, common to both professions.

- Cytogenetics GT Training Manual
This document describes how the training programme should be applied in Cytogenetics and lists the modules available.

 - Cytogenetics modules
Each of the modules represents a set of competences (primarily technical), based around a discrete area of laboratory operation.

This document is the only compulsory module and also applies to molecular genetics trainees.

Blood sample processing

Amniotic Fluid sample processing

Solid Tissue sample processing

Chorion Villus sample processing

Constitutional FISH (processing and analysis)

Constitutional G-banded analysis

Haemato-Oncology sample processing

Tumour sample processing

Oncology FISH (processing and analysis)

Oncology G-banded analysis

QF-PCR processing

QF-PCR analysis

MLPA processing

MLPA analysis

Array CGH processing

Array CGH analysis

Other related documents

ACC Application form for GT Training Accreditation
This form must be completed by a laboratory applying for ACC accreditation to deliver the GT training programme. In this form the applicant laboratory must indicate which modules it plans to deliver within the 3 year training period. Award of accredited status if carried out by the ETC.
This word document must be completed and emailed by your Head of Department to Eileen Roberts (see form for details).

- Module assessment report form
Each module ends with a brief internal assessment. This form is to be completed by the trainee, trainer and assessor and forms the official documentation for that module.

Final Assessment Guidelines (New - 27/5/2011)
here for the guidelines for final assessment for exit from the ACC/CMGS GT training programme.  This document contains information regarding eligibility for assessment, administration of assessments and request forms for both Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics trainees.