Below are links to presentations given at the ACC/CMGS GT meeting - held in Newcastle on Nov 23rd 2011.                 

Professional Bodies Rosalind Sadler, Birmingham

Update on Registration Fiona Coyne, Liverpool

Molecular Haemato-Oncology services at Bristol Genetics Laboratory Kayleigh Templeman, Bristol

Streamlining and efficiency in Haemochromatosis testing in Newcastle Rob Brown, Newcastle

Effect of Centrifugation Time and Speed (G-Force) on Amniocyte Cell Yield Karen Thompson, Newcastle

Characterisation of the breakpoints of the LDLR gene deletions in families with Familial Hypercholesterolemia Frances White, Liverpool

Use of the oligonucleotide DSP30 with IL2 in the investigation of low grade B cell lymphoid neoplasms  Chris Lowe, Newcastle 

MLPA Automation Gemma Dennis, Bristol

Escape-P Katrina Smith, Liverpool

Long-range PCR and breakpoint sequence analysis for an HNF1B duplication Annet Damhuis, Exeter