Membership Liaison Committee (MLC)

The Membership Liaison Committee is a standing sub-committee of ACC Council. Members shall serve a term of office of 3 years or for the duration of a specified project. The Chair and Secretary are elected by the members of the committee. The position of Chair will rotate on an annual basis and shall attend ACC Council meetings as a co-opted member unless an elected member of Council.

Terms of Reference

• To disseminate professional information, pertinent to members, agreed by Council

• To maintain and co-ordinate a network of membership contacts consisting of one member from each UK laboratory

• To collect information via the Membership network to support ACC projects, initiatives and planning

• To undertake projects identified by Council

• To organise sessions for members at national conferences to assist with the clarification of professional and training issues, as required.

• To provide contact information on MRCPath self-help groups

• To assist the editors of the ACC section of the BSHG newsletter

• To promote membership of the ACC to those within the profession who are not members

• To represent the ACC and promote cytogenetics at career’s fairs and to assist with the provision of career information, as required

• To maintain a current membership list and provide Council with audit data, as requested